Emanet Epizoda 674 sa prevodom

Jusuf is very happy when he sees his present. Yaman asks Nana to talk. Ferit calls Yaman and he tells Yaman that he just needs his signature. Yaman says he and Nana will come to the police station.

Ferit tells Ajse that he needs to rest, and Ajse replies that he is more exhausted both because of her and because of Doga, who he also pleases because she is also sick. Ferit tells her that he is happy to do all that and not to worry. Aynur brings Akca a new pillow.

Ajse sees Ferit sleeping next to her and wakes him up, telling him what he is doing there. Jusuf fell off the romobile. Akca blames Nana for Jusuf falling off the romobile, she told her that the romobile is dangerous.

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